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Dredge Scourge

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Dredge Scourge
Size 2x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Splinter Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Tremble
Stats & Ranks Regular Warrior Destroyer
Armor.png 10 12 13
Strength.png 15 18 22
Willpower.png 2 2 3
Exertion.png 1 1 1
Break.png 1 2 3
*** Stats are for Normal difficulty. For Easy apply -3ARM and -2STR; for Hard apply +1ARM and +1STR.

General[edit | edit source]

Scourge are the deadliest units of the Dredge army. They have no shields but carry huge weapons like double-axes that they wield single-handedly to deliver devastating crushing attacks. Their very high Strength makes them the Dredge alter-ego to Varl Warriors. Fortunately, their relatively low Armor and short movement range can lead to their early neutralization. However, they remain a threat even maimed due to their ally-summoning ability, Tremble (see below).

They come in three ranks: regular, Warrior and Destroyer. The higher ranks distinguished by different colors are encountered later in the game or in the Hard difficulty setting. Be careful! When at full Strength, that blue-black giant can literally destroy most units in a single stroke.

Passive Ability: Splinter[edit | edit source]

When a Dredge with the Splinter passive receives an Armor-break attack equal to or larger than 3, then all adjacent Dredge (of whichever class) suffer 1 Armor damage. This Armor damage is transferred in a domino-like effect along a 'chain' of adjacent Dredge.

Active Ability: Tremble[edit | edit source]

When the Scourge is severely hurt and near death, it will retreat to a secure position, grasp its weapon with both hands and start vibrating it like a tuning fork. At the beginning of its next turn a Dredge Grunt will be summoned as reinforcements, spawning in a random border tile of the map and taking turn-initiative after the following enemy unit.


  • In order to summon an ally, the Scourge devotes two of its turns.
  • When a Scourge is in the act of summoning while all its allies are knocked out, the battle's turn-queuing will enter Pillage mode with the two Dredge acting in a row, after all enemy units have taken their turns. This is not a bug.
  • Each Scourge will only use Tremble once, regardless of its remaining Willpower points.