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The following is a list of updates from the Kickstarter of The Banner Saga.

Update #1[edit | edit source]

Oh my... over 2000 backers on day 1? We can't believe the amount of support we've already gotten... a huge thank you to everyone who has already donated!

Due to overwhelming demand, we've added a special $50 reward for those of you who want JUST the poster and game. Check out the new reward to the right!

Update #2[edit | edit source]

YOU DID IT. Unbelievable! You've helped us achieve our goal in under two days. From all of us at Stoic we're so incredibly grateful! The second update is ready to go for all the backers that contributed, and again: thank you!

Update #3[edit | edit source]

150% on day three? Holy moly. We've also put up a new survey in the official update #3 tab about languages, so check it out.

Update #4[edit | edit source]

This is insane! Over 200% in four days! We are in awe. We've been thinking about what we can do to thank you guys and have some really great ideas we'll be talking about soon.

Additionally, we've gotten so many requests to make Paypal easier to use that we've added a direct link to Paypal donations. See the "International Friends" section below if you're interested in donating through Paypal.

Update #5[edit | edit source]

Lost in the void of the internet. But it was big news. Any pledges at $50 and up get the full game! See the updates tab for more info.

Update #6[edit | edit source]

We're late to the 300% party! Whew, we almost don't know what to say anymore. What we will say is that after being buried (in a good way) beneath emails and comments we've finally gotten back to some honest-to-goodness production so we'll have more to show in the near future. We've also been talking to a ton of talented composers, QA, testers and other professionals about bringing more help on board.

Update #7[edit | edit source]

First of all: 400%. Unbelievable.So we've just announced a veritable avalanche of new collaborators: Austin Wintory (composer of Journey) for music, Kpow Audio (sound team on LA Noire), Powerhouse Animation (Epic Mickey, DC Universe, and others) for animation. And a new prize tier! MADNESS.

I'm definitely gtiteng this game and starting a guild with my friend and we are going to try and take our server to the top of WvWvW (the three realm/server battle) If we work together and fight as a group we will win and that is what we plan on doing we are very passionate about video games and Guild Wars in general and if you want to join us then send me a message and give me a thumbs up

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