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The snow covered city of Strand.

Strand is the starting point of The Banner Saga and the biggest trade town along the borders of the kingdoms of men and varl.

Background[edit | edit source]

As close as anything comes to a bastion of racial tolerance, both men and varl compete to scratch out a living in this, the biggest trade city along the west coast. Many people still believe the god Denglr still watches over it, granting good fortune.

It has been several long months on the road. The first signs of snowfall accost us on our approach to Strand, largest of the trade cities on the varl-human borders, and our last collection before returning to the capital. Several days ago, the sun simply came to a stop in the sky, though during these long winter days, none of us can be certain how long it has been this way. Some of the men in the caravan have taken it as a dire omen. I am not quick to superstition, but I myself will be glad to be done with this year's rounds. We have been warned by stranded travelers about brigands on the path through Ridgehorn, our road home. Our captain seems unconcerned. Perhaps he is as eager as I to be done here. We will rest here this day and inquire further when we speak to the governor.Ubin, The Banner Saga, Part 1 Prologue.

Factions[edit | edit source]

In The Banner Saga: Factions free/online/pvp game, the player starts out in the city of Strand. The buildings within Strand provide different services:

Great Hall[edit | edit source]

The Great Hall is where players find matches against other online opponents. From there, they can play:

matches, with varying timers.

Mead House[edit | edit source]

In the Mead House, players can recruit new units. Experienced (5 kills) and veteran (30 kills) units can also be recruited here for an increased Renown cost, forgoing the kill-tally requirement for promotion.

Experience Kills Renown
Apprentice 0 10
Experienced 5 25
Veteran 30 100

Proving Grounds[edit | edit source]

The Proving Grounds is where players can organize their Team (or Party), Promote units and re-allocate stats.

Marketplace[edit | edit source]

The Marketplace is where players can purchase:

  • Renown,
  • Rally Boost (+5 Renown per battle, win or lose),
  • Additional character skins (cloth colors),
  • Starter pack of four Rank-1 units (Provoker, Warhawk, Bowmaster, Backbiter).

Hall of Valor[edit | edit source]

Within the Hall of Valor reside the annals of war. Only true champions will leave their mark here.

The Hall of Valor tracks the following stats:

  • All-time (and Tournament) ranking: Elo rating and rank number
  • Number of Ranked (and Tournament) matches played
  • Number of Ranked (and Tournament) matches won
  • Ratio of Victories-over-Defeats
  • Best Win-Streak in Ranked (and Tournament) matches
  • Current Win-Streak in Ranked (and Tournament) matches

Recent events[edit | edit source]

When Ubin's party first arrives in Strand, the Skalfings are trying to seize the position of the governor by force. Strand is overrun by the Warped but the last holdouts are rescued by Iver and the Ravens in Chapter 17.