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The Skalfings are an uneasy and ambitious clan residing in Strand or in its environs. According to the Governor of Strand, they are waylaying merchants in the region and strangling trade. Worse, they are not the only clan with such attitude...

Skalfing Chieftain[edit | edit source]

The Skalfing Chieftain, whose name is not given, resembles the Thrasher unit, without a shield and with different colors (red hair, grey tunic, dark breeches and crimson accessories). The player faces him and his guards (who resemble to Backbiter units with different colors) during the Tutorial fight of the first part of The Banner Saga (and Factions).

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

In the beginning of The Banner Saga, the chieftain of this clan attempts to overthrow the Governor of Strand and seize control of the city. These events take place just as Ubin, a tax collector for the Varl king, enters the city. Ubin and his guard arrive just in time to save the Governor and slay the Skalfing Chieftain in the Great Hall of the city. This sequence of events is part of the Introduction of both the first part of The Banner Saga and Factions.

After the Skafling Chieftain has been dealt with, the Governor requests Ubin's help in completely routing the Skalfings. Eirik, the Governor's steward, is put in charge of that and starts by interrogating a suspect in Strand's marketplace in order to locate the hideout of the Skalfings remaining in the city. Ubin has the option of putting his guards in the assistance of Eirik and his companion, or staying out of disputes that do not concern him...

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