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Size 2x2 tiles 76px
Movement 4 tiles
Attack Ranged
Passive Untouchable Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Irrestible Force, Immovable Object
Armor.png 25
Strength.png 23
Willpower.png 17
Exertion.png 3
Break.png 3

Background[edit | edit source]

Ruin is one of the Sundr, the champions and overall generals of the Dredge. Like the other Sundrs, she posseses special abilities and can heal herself using a magical protective barrier. She carries an anchor-like sling which she can use to knock down enemy fortifications. Ruin is also the sister of Raze, a Sundr killed by Iver during the Second Great War.

Recent Events[edit | edit source]

As the Dredge start attacking Arberrang, Sundr leads the charge and attempts to knock down its protective walls. During the fight with the Hero of Skogr and her allies, Ubin returns along with the Horseborn to assist in the fight.

Stats and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ruin is the strongest unit in The Banner Saga 3, with only Bolverk passing her in amount of damage dealt. She has 48 hit points (25 armor and 23 strength). Her starting health will depend on whether you chose to hit her with flaming barrels in Chapter 18.

Untouchable[edit | edit source]

All enemies adjacent to Ruin will be automatically knocked back.

Irresistible Force[edit | edit source]

Ruin throws a gravity stone that forcibly pulls all units towards it and explodes after 1 turn.

Untouchable[edit | edit source]

Ruin uses a magical barrier to heal her hit points. During this state she is invulnerable and the barrier must be destroyed for her to be hurt.