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Warped Scourge

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Warped Scourge
Size 2x2 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 4 tiles
Attack Melee (1 tile)
Passive Depraved Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Mind Devour
Armor.png 14
Strength.png 17
Willpower.png 9
Exertion.png 3
Break.png 3
On EASY -3 Armor.png and -2 Strength.png is applied on battle start.
On NORMAL no changes to the above card are made..
On HARD +2 Armor.png and +2 Strength.png is applied on battle start.

Warped Scourges are twisted varieties of Dredge Scourges, corrupted by the Darkness. They wield a misshapen purple blade and are first encountered in the Underworld Caves in Chapter 10. These creatures are apparently feared and avoided also by regular Dredge.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Warped scourge.icon.init.active.png

Active Ability | Mind Devour[edit | edit source]

The Warped Scourge saps an amount equal to the difference in willpower between the scourge and the target, damaging Willpower.png and stealing Strength.png.
For example, if a 9 Willpower.png Warped Scourge targeted a 4 Willpower.png Hero, the hero would be take - 5 Willpower.png and - 5 Strength.png while the Scourge gained +5 Strength.png.
This ability is one of the most powerful available to warped enemies.

Icon genericpassive.png

Passive Ability | Depraved[edit | edit source]

The Warped Dredge explodes upon death and disappears. The explosion causes one Willpower.png damage to all adjacent enemies and leaves a surface of burned purple ashes equal to the unit's size, that does 1 Willpower.png damage to any unit walking over it.

Tips & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mind Devour can be catastrophic when applied to low Willpower Heroes, as it deals more damage to them. There is only one way to do survive: kill the Warped Scourge as fast as possible!
  • Warped Scourges and Warped Stoneguards are the only twisted units encountered in The Banner Saga 2.