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Dredge Slab Hurler

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Dredge Slab Hurler
Size 1x1 tiles Vertical alignment=middle
Movement 3 tiles
Attack Ranged (2-5 tiles)
Passive Distraught Vertical alignment=bottom
Active Concuss
Armor.png 8
Strength.png 9
Willpower.png 3
Exertion.png 1
Break.png 2

General[edit | edit source]

Hurlers are ranged-attack units of the Dredge army and are encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga. They are a variant of the Slingers class, but come with an improved passive ability.

Passive Ability: Distraught[edit | edit source]

When attacked, the Hurler moves three tile away from the attacker, similarly to Slingers' Back Off. Additionally, all Hurler base-class units that are within 5 tiles from the attacker, retaliate immediately, doing 1 Strength or 1 Armor damage.

Active Ability: Concuss[edit | edit source]

The Slab Hurler throws a chuck of rock on a single target. The force of the blow cause a knock-back of up to 5 tiles (not through other units though) and leaves the target 'Concussed'. This debuff applies a 20% miss-chance on any Strength attack attempted in the victim's next turn. Concuss does not damage the target.