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An aging and senile mess of a city that can't remember whether it wants to sell you something or steal everything you've got. While Ormsdalr grew early into an important hub of trade, its twin city Boersgard became the place to buy things nobody else was willing to hawk. It's greatly supported by the potent items harvested in Reynivik and Tistel, and plagued by huge disparities between the extremely rich and the suffering poor.

Located along a large lake in the kingdom of Stromlund, Boersgard is a large and well fortified city that appears to be mostly inhabited by humans. Somewhat of an economic hub, it has a port that is used for commerce with other cities throughout the southern kingdoms of men.

The Banner Saga[edit | edit source]


After Rook's caravan arrives at Sigrholm, finding that the Mender Juno has not met them there as planned, Rook decides the only hope is to lead the caravan to the city of Boersgard. Once Rook and his caravan actually enter into Boersgard their hearts sink once more. The city is in the brink of chaos and the Ravens, an infamous mercenary company led by Bolverk Bloodaxe, has been hired by the Governor (Rugga) to hold the city together. More Dredge arrive to besiege to city with every passing day, while supplies are running out and widespread riots are tearing the city apart from the inside. Rook, Eyvind and Iver decide that their only hope is to construct boats and sail down the Ormsa River to Arberrang. Before they can complete their plan, the city defenses begin to falter under the overwhelming Dredge pressure. The gates are barely held as a Horn is sounded and Hakon with Juno, accompanied by a considerable Varl force that left Einartoft before its fall, break through the siege and reinforce the city's garrison. Early excitement fails as Bellower arrives shortly afterwards. The heroes are forced to face him, relying on a desperate plan devised by Juno...

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"As we pass steep cliffs, the sprawl of Boersgard comes into view. A city of contrasting rich and poor, opportunity and gamble. Our best hope for salvation, or our graves."Rook, The Banner Saga, Part One, Chapter 6.