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Alfrun is the first new Hero character for the third part of The Banner Saga, revealed in July 2017 via a Newsletter.


Who is Alfrun?[edit | edit source]

Alfrun has seen some things in her lifetime, but she rarely shares. Through decades of weaving, her arms and body have been torn to shreds by untempered power, confirming what most people think a witch looks like. But her unusual relationships with varl and dredge alike hint at a deeper truth…

The Witch Class[edit | edit source]

The Witch is a powerful (but vulnerable) melee unit. Her first active ability, Strength of Will, allows her to restore Strength to other units, making her our first ever "true" healer. Her second active ability, Force of Will, allows her to make melee strikes at a distance and then retreat to safety. Positioning and Willpower management will be the keys to success with the Witch.

Matt Rhoades, Designer

Witch Lore[edit | edit source]

It's easy to forget that the menders aren’t the only ones who can learn to weave the lines of power - in fact, it is untrained children with raw potential who must go through the mender’s tests to determine whether they’re ready to be shown the ways. Those who fail the test often don’t return to talk about it. Occasionally, a child slips past the notice of the menders, hiding their power or teaching themselves in secret. The temptation to abuse their powers without the mender’s guidance has led fearful commoners to call them witches.

Alex Thomas, Writer

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