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Throughout the Banner Saga trilogy many characters have abilities that are unique to them in particular, and are in a similar way uniquely powerful. At times, several characters share a class made specifically for the installment they're in and going forward (but aren't in the debut title The Banner Saga: Factions). These are shown separately.
Since this article lists abilities for all three games, expect spoilers throughout.

The Banner Saga 1[edit | edit source]

Banner1 banner vig.jpg

Character Unique[edit | edit source]

Icon markprey.png

Active Ability | Mark Prey[edit | edit source]

By slashing at an adjacent enemy target with his knife, the Hunter does a small amount of Armor Break damage and then focuses the attacks of his allies on the target enemy.
Rank 1: Rook deals 1 Break.png to adjacent enemy, all in-range allies deal Strength.png attack to target
Rank 2: Rook deals 2 Break.png to adjacent enemy
Rank 3: Rook deals 3 Break.png to adjacent enemy
Any allies within attack range of the victim instantly attack after Rook deals break damage.

Icon threadtheneedle.png
Alette icon.png

Active Ability | Thread the Needle[edit | edit source]

By selecting an enemy in a straight line up to 5 spaces, Alette shoots through every character in the way, doing normal Strength.png damage to each, in addition to bonus Break.png and Puncture damage.
Rank 1: Alette deals full Strength.png and 1 Break.png to each target in the line
Rank 2: 2 Break.png to each target in the line
Rank 3: 3 Break.png to each target in the line
Thread the Needle is one of few abilities that can damage multiple enemies in a single shot, making it extremely powerful in the right hands. Even though it also hits allies, using Thread the Needle in tandem with some abilities, like the Raidmaster's Stone Wall, can be a good combination.

Batteringram icon.png

Active Ability | Battering Ram (Warrior)[edit | edit source]

While Battering Ram is an ability common to Shieldbangers, Iver can use it with and without a shield, bopping people with his head.
The Strongarm smashes an adjacent unit with his shield knocking it back up to 4 tiles and pushing it through anyone in the way. Battering Ram does Armor damage to the target, adding 1 more Armor damage for each unit it passes through.
Rank 1: Knock-back 4 tiles and deal 1 Break.png damage
Rank 2: Knock-back 4 tiles and deal 3 Break.png damage
Rank 3: Knock-back 4 tiles and deal 5 Break.png damage
The ability can be used on both friend or foe, making it versatile in many situations by changing a unit's position on the board.

Class Unique[edit | edit source]

Icon light step.png

Landsman | Passive Ability | Light Step[edit | edit source]

"Landsman" is the name of a class introduced in The Banner Saga that wasn't revealed in factions.

The landsman uses his superior dexterity to move around bodies, allowing him to pass through, but not stop on, any allies.
Light step can help a crafty landsman get safely into position behind armored allies before going in for the strike, or escape from a dangerous position.

Icon embolden.png

Spearman | Passive Ability | Embolden[edit | edit source]

"Spearman" is the name of a class introduced in The Banner Saga that wasn't revealed in factions.

Each kill the Spearman makes encourages allies to fight harder, granting 1 Willpower.png to the Spearman and any adjacent allies.
This ability is made effective by making use of spears' range of 2, as they can hide behind allies and make kill-strikes to regain willpower.

Icon rally.png

Landsman | Active Ability | Rally[edit | edit source]

The warden is an expert of city warfare, darting in and out to be useful where he's needed.
Rank 1: grant an ally 2 willpower
Rank 2: grant an ally 4 willpower
Rank 3: grant an ally 6 willpower
While he doesn't use a bow like the hunter, Rally allows him to grant willpower to allies when they'll need it most, making an invaluable support character.
Since Rally grants 2 top-text per 1 spent, using the Horn on this unit can make it more efficient.

Icon impale.png

Spearman | Active Ability | Impale[edit | edit source]

The Spearmaster skewers an adjacent enemy unit doing normal Strength damage (with 100% chance to hit) before knocking it back with a kick to release his spear. Impaled characters will bleed for one round, taking 1 Strength damage for each tile of movement.
Rank 1: Bleed and Knock-back 1 tile
Rank 2: Bleed and Knock-back 2 tiles
Rank 3: Bleed and Knock-back 3 tiles
This can be especially deadly if bleeding characters are moved against their will, such as Dredge slingers using the Back Off ability. Take heed, knock-back by Impale will not push the target through other units, unlike Battering Ram or Mule Kick. Bleeding damage is not received for the tiles knocked-back by Impale's 'kick'.

The Banner Saga 2[edit | edit source]

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Character Unique[edit | edit source]

Icon frenzy.png
Bolverk icon.png

Passive Ability | Frenzy[edit | edit source]

The Berserker first attacks the enemy target's Armor or Strength, as directed, then does a Strength attack against a random adjacent target, friend or foe.
Because the second attack strikes a random target, care must be taken around allies, but if only a single target is in range, that target will always receive both attacks, guaranteeing a double strike.
Keep in mind, Folka has a special exception to Frenzied attacks, and will never take damage from Bolverk. This makes them a powerful duo.

Icon culltheweak.png
Bolverk icon.png

Active Ability | Cull the Weak[edit | edit source]

Bolverk becomes a wild animal on the battlefield, hunting down the weakest of his opponents and driving himself to greater Renown with an additional Turn for every Kill.
Rank 1: Target takes Strength.png - 2 damage, extra turn on Kill.
Rank 2: Target takes Strength.png - 1 damage, extra turn on Kill.
Rank 3: Target takes Strength.png damage, extra turn on Kill.
As long as he has Willpower and continues to kill targets, Bolverk can continue to use this ability each Turn, cutting a swath through the battlefield.

Icon bearrage.png
Bolverk icon.png

Active Ability | Bear Rage[edit | edit source]

Bolverk gains the Bear Rage ability when he is promoted to Rank 6.
The Berserker whips himself into a fury, terrifying nearby enemies and sending them fleeing in disarray. Affected enemies are so shaken they suffer a penalty to their Armor for one Round.

Additionally, the Berserker counter-attacks any melee blows from enemies brave enough to strike at him.

Rank 1: All adjacent enemies suffer a temporary -1 Armor penalty and move 3 tiles away from the Berserker; Frenzied counter-attack.
Rank 2: All adjacent enemies suffer a temporary -2 Armor penalty and move 3 tiles away from the Berserker; Frenzied counter-attack.
Rank 3: All adjacent enemies suffer a temporary -3 Armor penalty and move 3 tiles away from the Berserker; Frenzied counter-attack.
Bear Rage works especially well if Bolverk has an item with strength resist.

Icon shield mastery.png
Folka icon.png

Passive Ability | Shield Mastery[edit | edit source]

The Shieldmaiden's shield Absorbs all Strength damage onto her Armor until it is destroyed. She only starts taking Strength damage When her Armor is down to zero.
This means that if Folka had 14 Armor.png and was hit by a 16 Strength.png Dredge, Folka would lose 2 armor and no strength.
Shield Mastery is great at preventing chip damage, and if well-maintained, makes Folka a late-game superstar.

Icon champion.png
Folka icon.png

Active Ability | Champion[edit | edit source]

The Shieldmaiden stands ready to insert herself between her allies and any attacking enemy. Adjacent allies have all damage from attacks against them halved, but the Shieldmaiden also receives a half-damage attack from the same enemy.
Rank 1: Allies protected.
Rank 2: Allies protected; +2 Armor.png to self for one Round.
Rank 3: Allies protected; +4 Armor.png.
For maximum effect, keep as many allies adjacent to Folka as possible. When any adjacent ally is attacked, Champion will protect them, while using her Shield Mastery to Absorb Strength damage onto her Armor.

Icon shield smash.png
Folka icon.png

Active Ability | Shield Smash[edit | edit source]

Folka gains Shield Smash when promoted to Rank 6.
The Shieldmaiden smashes her shield against a single adjacent target. Target and all units adjacent to target (except Folka!), friend or foe, take normal Armor Break damage from the force of the attack according to the Shieldmaiden's BRK stat.
Rank 1: Break.png + 1 to target, adjacent units also take Break.png damage.
Rank 2: Break.png + 2 to target.
Rank 3: Break.png + 3 to target.
Without her shield she loses her passive ability, Shield Mastery.

Active Ability | Call Bear[edit | edit source]

Active Ability | Runic Gale[edit | edit source]

Active Ability | Breeze[edit | edit source]

Class Unique[edit | edit source]

Teulu | Passive Ability | Hit & Run[edit | edit source]

Cantref | Passive Ability | Free Roam[edit | edit source]

Teulu | Active Ability | Trample[edit | edit source]

Teulu | Active Ability | Mule Kick[edit | edit source]

Cantref | Active Ability | Pin[edit | edit source]

Cantref | Active Ability | Poison Tipped[edit | edit source]

The Banner Saga 3[edit | edit source]

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Character Unique[edit | edit source]

Class Unique[edit | edit source]