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A lone Dredge hunting in a forest near Skogr

The Dredge are a race of humanoid beings supposedly made of stone. They are usually clad in darkly colored suits of armor, made either of stone or metal, and have bright yellow eyes.

In The Banner Saga, the Dredge are presented as the main antagonist race (e.g. similar to Tolkien's Orcs), and as such only appear as combat enemy units.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Unlike the Humans and the Varls, the Dredge are a completely different race. The Dredge are the colossal, armor clad ancestral enemies of the Varls since the beginning. They are hostile on sight to all other intelligent life. They were formed when one of the gods, jealous of his peers, took their creations and twisted them into something bizarre and unnatural and then set them free to wreak havoc on the land. After some long and bloody wars the Dredge were thought to be extinct, but they started to slowly reappear and no one knows why.

Genders & Physiology[edit | edit source]

There exist both male and female Dredge, although it is said that only the males take to the battlefield. As later revealed, this is either wrong or has changed due to necessity (given the invasion of Dredge lands by the Darkness): Dredge Slingers are female!

Dredge vary in size and shape, being anywhere from man-sized to taller than Varl. However some varieties, the Sundr (see below), are even larger.

Rivalries[edit | edit source]

The Dredge were a threat to the Varl and Humans during the Second Great War fought in ages past. There is great animosity between the Varl and the Dredge, such that the Varl often refer to them as 'slag', a demeaning term.

Stonesingers[edit | edit source]

Dredge apparently have have their own variety of Menders, called Stonesingers, whose gender is not defined, but the existence of both males & females is implied.

In the second part of The Banner Saga, a friendly Stonesinger is met and can even join the caravan and help in one story battle.

Sundr[edit | edit source]

The Sundr are Dredge demi-god champions that serve as commanders of their armies. They are respected and feared possessing overwhelmingly powerful abilities. Among scholarly Menders, it is believed that Sundr are in a sense immortal, i.e. they are not subject to death, like humans are. However, no new Sundr can be made, thus their number is very limited. The only named Sundr are Bellower, Raze, and Eyeless; there have been mentions of other Sundr that go by the names of Walker and Braggart.

  • Raze, a female, was responsible for repeatedly destroying Varl fortifications during the Second Great War, hence her nickname. She was eventually slain by the young Varl hero Yngvar, while nursing her infant baby during a snowstorm.
  • Bellower, a giant male wearing a crimson armor and issuing violent roars that damage enemies, was defeated in Boersgard in the events culminating the first part of The Banner Saga. Bellower and Raze are inferred to being a couple.
  • Eyeless is the mysterious Sundr antagonist in the second part of The Banner Saga, inferred to being a female. In the form of a giant Stonesinger, she has the ability to possess the bodies of the fallen, allies and enemies alike. Eyeless was defeated by Bolverk's Ravens twice, in the Deep Maw and at the bridge of Old Ford.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Dredge appear to show reverence to the god Stravhs, though it is not clear why.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Dredge units come in different varieties and their stats and attributes resemble those of the human and Varl units in many respects. For more information, refer to the categories below.

Part 1[edit | edit source]

This section contains the Dredge units that appear in the first part of the The Banner Saga.

Melee[edit | edit source]

The first enemy types encountered in The Banner Saga. Grunt, Stoneguard and Scourge have a melee attack-range and can be thought of as the Dredge analogues of human Raider, Varl Shieldbanger and Varl Warrior classes, respectively. However, unlike the human and Varl classes, these melee Dredge all share a common passive ability of negative nature, Splinter.

Grunt Stoneguard Scourge

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Dredge Slingers are first encountered midway through the first part of The Banner Saga and resemble human Archers in having the same movement and attack range. They come in three different sub-classes: Slag, Spark and Fire Slingers, and share a common passive ability of random nature, Back Off.

Slag Slinger Spark Slinger Fire Slinger
Slag Slinger
Spark Slinger
Fire Slinger

Special[edit | edit source]

In the first part of The Banner Saga you will come across special Dredge units that serve as bosses and have multiple abilities of special nature: Stonesingers and Bellower.

Stonesinger Bellower

Non standard[edit | edit source]

During the first and second chapter of the first part of The Banner Saga, two non-standard Dredge units are encountered:

  • The Dredge Brute and has the appearance of a Scourge Destroyer but with different stats. It is the one that knocks out Ludin in the fight after Vognir's death.
  • The Starving Dredge (snapshot in the top of this page) is found carrying a dead deer in a forest near Skogr by Rook and Alette. It resembles a Scourge Warrior but with different stats.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

This section contains the Dredge units appearing in the second part of the The Banner Saga. All the units from the first part also appear.

Skulkers[edit | edit source]

In the second part of The Banner Saga, Dredge are often in the company of Skulkers, regular and vile (large) ones. These dog-shaped creatures have the ability to walk through Dredge units and to become invisible.

Skulker Vile Skulker
Vile Skulker

Hurlers[edit | edit source]

Dredge Hurlers are a new type of ranged-attack units encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga. They are very similar to the Slingers but their passive ability, Distraught, is have an improved version of Back Off.

Slab Hurler Barb Hurler
Slab Hurler
Barb Hurler

Special[edit | edit source]

Several new classes of special Dredge units were encountered in the second part of The Banner Saga:

  • Gloomwardens and Direguards — Serving as bodyguards to Stonesingers.
  • Warped varieties of Stoneguards and Scourges
  • Eyeless, a new boss.
Gloomwarden Direguard Warped Stoneguard Warped Scourge Eyeless
Warped Stoneguard
Warped Scourge

Media[edit | edit source]